You wake up thinking this is going to be the day. The day things finally change.

Then five minutes later, your brain starts to wonder and worry. You worry about your child failing or your spouse being so unavailable lately. You worry about your best friend’s marriage or your parents aging. It all comes flooding. And it feels like a struggle. You want to run. You want to scream. And the worst part is you just feel like you can’t get any relief.

Why are we always in fight or flight?

We have all experienced it in some form or another. Your employer says HR needs to see you, or your child says, “I need to talk to you about something.” Your heart races, your mouth gets dry and your stomach churns. Then you start with all the what ifs. “What if I get fired, what if my child is into drugs.” You get worked up and BAM -  life suddenly feels overwhelming. Sound familiar? Of course it does. It's that caveman part that believes there is a Saber Tooth tiger still chasing after you. The adrenaline that kicked in to help save man from complete destruction once served its purpose, but is now driving so much of your day - in a very negative way.

Why is that? Well, as humans, we’re wired for the extreme. Our default is to run or stand down and we can’t see how things can be resolved in a peaceful state? We don’t stay in that place of quiet – we’ve become adrenaline junkies without even being aware of our hard wiring. Yet, when we're able to stop at that moment and let go – simply using our breath –we can take it out of that frantic, hurried, worried state.

I call it clarity – life changes in that moment.

We don’t talk about it enough. Our ancient limbic system that tells us that to act like lizards – we sunbathe on the rock, but we’re always looking out for what’s coming to attack us. My greatest purpose is to show you how to get calm – really calm. Most of the time we don’t even know when we’re in flight or fight and we only begin to recognize it when we achieve that peaceful moment of clarity. 

What if you could relax into all the ways that life is actually working for you? 

Imagine instead of always looking out for danger, telling yourself: “I am covered. The Universe has my back. I am whole. I am healthy. I am cared for.” Relax into that. Breathe. See your life as your problems fully solved.

Helping you find that place of deep calm is important to me because this is where dis-ease starts. It’s where every disorder that we see in the world – cancer, heart disease, autoimmunity, pain, and suffering - begins. I truly believe that the more you can feel grace in your body, the more we can see everything you know shift in your life. The problems melt. The chaos quiets. And then today finally does become the day things really change.


I’m here to show you how to bring more peace to your body and to your life. 

Not the “wow man hippie feeling”, but that feeling we all deserve to have. That parasympathetic state where we know all is at rest. And whether you’ve been aware of it or not, up until this point, your life is crying out for this. Even if you have never felt deep surrender before, you can learn to release the places you’ve been fighting. Through meditation and coaching, I'll show you how to quiet your thoughts, separate out your truths and find relief and peace. 

With Love, Renie

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