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"One of my true gifts in life is that I get to work with people and show them another option."

Reno is home my home; I was born and raised here and lived in San Diego for 5 years. I earned my Bachelors of Science Degree in 1991. I was so excited to begin my career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep to help educate physicians and patients to navigate through their illness, a career I continued for 20 years.

My passion has always been helping people understand integrate how the mind plays a role in creating great health and well being. During a scare of my own 5 years ago, facing a possible diagnosis of ovarian cancer, I was lead to a different modality of teaching. The possible prognosis led me to become certified in the "Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster/Lessen the Side Effects of Chemotherapy/Radiation" course by Peggy Huddleston as well as "Heal Your Heart" and "Breakthrough Shadow Coaching" from the Ford Institute. I have personally participated in a life time meditation practice, created meditation groups and continue to consult with medical patients at two local hospitals in Reno, Nevada.

I not only experiences the benefits in countless ways, I help others look at meditation in a different light - taking 'meditational's stereotypical outlook and transforming it to explore healing benefits. My greatest passion is witnessing my client's experience that "aha moment!" that opens them up to the truth and power of who they really are.

Through my own experience, and watching countless others, I have learned that letting go of control, fear and unnecessary worry brings a sense of balance and ease is restored. Good health, after all, is the goal.

The thing that makes me the happiest is when I have the opportunity to meet you - connect with me today! 

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