Fear-Less Birthing Classes


Fear-tension-pain cycle - a concept formulated to explain the pain commonly expected and reported in childbirth. The concept proposes that attitudes induce anxiety before labor and therefor cause fear in labor - we fear therefor we tense up thus creating more pain - and the cycle continues.

Removing 'fear' from the birthing experience breaks the cycle allowing the mother to have a less painful, less anxiety filled birth. 

You CAN have more enjoyable birthing experience. 
You CAN bring your new baby into this world without 'fear' and without anxiety. 
YOU CAN DO THIS and we're here to help!

Fear-LESS Birthing

Fear-Less Birthing Classes

Learn to trust your body and alleviate the fear of childbirth


Fear-Less Birthing Classes

Designed for new parents, this class empowers mothers and partners through body and mind techniques to experience the wonder of childbirth. Alleviate fear-based thoughts and anxiety through a healing process based on healing meditation and understand the physiological changes a woman's body undergoes during labor. 

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  • The 3rd Saturday of every month
  • 9:30-11:30am
  • 1441 Pullman Way Sparks, NV 89434
  • $75 per couple 

Includes a take home healing meditation.