Healing Your Heart Coaching


At the root of all illness, heartache and pain is emotional distress. And until we gain peace and tell ourselves the truth about how we truly feel (that primal truth we share only with ourselves), our life will continue to fall short of our expectations. Healing your heart is about making peace with everything that has happened to you. It’s about making peace with your stories and your loss.

Whether you’re struggling with a spouse, partner, parent, child, friend or sickness, you can recover and thrive. Each of our struggles carries important lessons and opportunities to thrive and feel a passion that goes far beyond the fairy tales we’ve been told.


Healing Your Heart Coaching

Finding peace from within.


13 Week Program

In this 13 week program, we will explore -

  • How our relationship stories have held us back and gain awareness about our current situation

  • New ways of taking responsibility for our lives

  • Creating exactly what we’ve always wanted

  • Letting go of fear, blame and anger

  • Seeing how perfectly our situations were for our own growth


Coaching is convenient and absolutely confidential.


It’s time to leave your imagination to better things and begin living the life you truly desire.

I work with clients that are willing and ready to change their lives.

All introductory sessions are complimentary. 


"Healing Your Heart taught me to genuinely trust and stop second-guess myself."

By releasing the burdens of my past, I began to feel lighter and more confident in my choices. I now take steps that allow me to step outside of my comfort zone.
I live life with less expectation and more rewarding relationships. Like you, I’ve tried other things, but nothing changed the way I see pure possibility, as did Heal Your Heart.