“You wake up thinking this is going to be the day - the day things finally change.”
“Renie has incredible energy and was such a positive influence on my life during such a scary and emotional time. She helped me turn my fear into love and she helped me to visualize positive experiences. She helped me use the law of attraction to bring nothing but beautiful healing energy. My surgery went really well and my doctor was surprised at how quickly I healed! ”


“UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! That is how I would describe the impact of the Prepare for Surgery Course taught by Renie Anderson. Being told I needed to have surgery, brought up a lot of fears and emotions in me...I felt out of control. I worried about the findings during surgery, postoperative issues like nausea and vomiting (as I have had this with all my other surgeries,) pain and healing....” read more


“In a little over an hour Renie Anderson was able to uncover exactly what my deepest fears were regarding my upcoming surgery and then; using Peggy Huddleston’s mind-body techniques; she gave me many tools to help me overcome those fears. The combination of Peggy’s mind-body techniques and Renie’s knowledgeable and compassionate guidance were helpful both before and after my surgery... ” read more