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Are you looking for a meditation practice that gives you more?

One that allows you to go deeper and connect with yourself in a way you've never been able to before? Even if you've never been able to "get quiet", my meditation practice will change your mind about how powerful meditation can be for your life. Learn how to connect with your thoughts and release the hold they have over your actions and behaviors. Discover what it means to get to a level of clarity about how your life can change! And, do it with a group of like minded people ready to engage and support real change.

Renie Anderson Meditation

How the Program Works?

The Meditation Membership Program is designed to deliver original meditations each weekday morning at 6am PST - if you can't make it, that's ok! I upload all my meditations for you to listen to at your convienence! When you sign up you will receive a membership login where you will be able to access a private portal for the Membership group. There, you will be invited to join a private Facebook Group. Please join the group after you sign up.

After signing up you'll be given the following important information:

  • The access number for the morning calls
  • Recordings of the morning meditations in case you can't make it live - call in at your convienence! 
  • Links to access me directly with questions or private one-on-one sessions

What does this cost?

This is the best part! You only pay $35 per month.

These days, Meditation Classes cost roughly $15 per class, which means that when you get 5 meditations per week your receiving a $330 value for only$35 per month!

Unlike other "free" or downloadable meditation class, this process will bring you new levels of clarity and peace and your participation is encouraged.

Register Today by Clicking the Button Below. You'll gain immediate access to the private membership portal with a unique login.

When you sign up, your subscription will be automatically renewed from month-to-month. You can cancel though at any time. These meditations are non-refundable.*


I'm bringing my meditation to a wider audience.

You called for it and I've answered. By creating this on-line Membership Meditation Group, I'm bringing my meditation practice to a wider audience. My mission is truly to help you find a way to slow down that fight or flight pattern and learn how to return to a more natural and relaxed state. Instead of always feeling on guard, you'll experience real relief and joy. And more than just in the moment. Each time we meditate we rewire the brain - we give ourselves new experiences of peace that we learn to trust. Rather than expecting the worst, we look for the ways we are supported, safe and at peace.


Give the Gift of Meditation

Share the gift of meditation with family and friends. Buy a one month, three month, six month or year long subscription and share the gift of genuine peace. 



*No refunds will be given for the month in which you cancel. 



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