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Renie Anderson offers an array of tools to help you overcome obstacles and achieve personal clarity while setting realistic goals to help you overcome difficult and challenging experiences of your past and present.

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Cancer, surgery - these are life changing events. What if there was a way to reduce your stress, improve your recovery time and feel more in control of the process? Renie guides you through these events to create an easier transition and recovery. 

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Get to know your own thoughts through Renie's monthly Meditation Membership Program. Bringing meditation to your living room 5 days a week via a telephone conference link or our on-demand membership site where you can listen when it's right for you. 

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Renie offers an array of tools to help you heal many aspects of your life. From trauma to illness, Reine offers coaching, workshops and 1-on-1's to walk you through the steps for a healthier mind, body and lifestyle.

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Renie Anderson

My passion in life is to help you uncover your limiting beliefs and fears; the ones that hold you back. It's powerful to recognize thought patterns. Most of them come in the form of worry, fear, and doubt. Once we discover this truth, we develop a healthier relationship with ourselves. 

As a result, we are kinder, more patient, and less judgemental. We make better choices that support us in ways we've only imagined. 

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There are people put here to use the gentle healing arts to help ease the pain of life and rekindle hope. Renie Anderson is one of those extraordinary souls.

Oh my goodness! YES! I met Renie at the Ford Institute Coaches Training several years ago and was so impressed by her prior medical experience, patience, and intuitive understanding of how people heal emotionally and physically - what a beautiful blend! Working with Renie would help anyone heal their body and heart.
She’s my “go-to wellness coach” for those who need compassionate healing.

Special Education Teacher - Helen H.

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Serving Reno, Nevada

All options are available via telephone and conference call.

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