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If Not Now, When?

Connect with the hidden places of YOU.

Hi, I'm Renie.

Hello! I’m Renie. As a Certified Master Integrative Life Coach for over a decade, I work with individuals who are stuck with the "I know there is a better way, I just do not know how to change my thoughts or be vulnerable, I am so worried about what others are thinking.” 


I have guided thousands through the discovery of the "story'' we tell ourselves. This has led to feelings of ease with yourself and your surroundings.


I live in Reno and love to hike with my dog Abby, take dancing classes of all kinds and hang out with great friends over coffee and laughing for hours as well as traveling the world.

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“Your nervous system is always listening,

observe what you tell yourself.”

- Renie


Step into an Immersive Program

Do you question your choices? Often experience self-doubt? Worried about the needs of others? Unsure of the next best step to take in your journey? 


This process is a space to tune into yourself, learn to reframe how you think in order to see yourself differently and create the joy and relief you have been looking for.





Oh my goodness! YES! I met Renie years ago and her medical experience, patience, and intuitive understanding of how people heal emotionally and physically is a beautiful blend! Working with Renie will help anyone heal their body and heart. She’s my “go-to wellness coach” for those who need compassionate healing. 


A weight has been lifted off of me and I am peace with who I becoming as an individual. I no longer let how others feel effect the way I feel. If anyone is ever in a dark place, or searching for answers on how to better themselves, Renie is your gal. She is efficient, reliable, kind, honest, and speaks encouragement always.


After working with Renie,

I have learned ways to cope and be easier on myself. I have learned to to treat myself with respect, learned I am worthy of being loved and cared for, and that sometimes people just have bad days but it has nothing to do with me. 

Without the help from Renie, I do not think I would have found ways to find happiness in my life. 

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