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Hey, I'm Renie.

I want you to know I have been where you are - always searching outside of myself for the answers.


I struggled the majority of my life and worked to cover it up, I dressed to the nines with a professional title and cute haircuts. Underneath it all I was a hot mess!

Being vulnerable and not in control was out of the question. I would tell myself, “Look good Renie, never let them see you weak.”

I lacked true self confidence and trust in myself. My cup was not full. 

Everything fell apart when I was 42. The things I did to feel important were not working anymore. I was completely worn out and disconnected to myself.

This forced me to learn about myself and look inside. 

I began taking intensive courses that taught me about me and that is the place I work with clients from today.

Inside each and everyone of us is a learned behavior. It is where denial, feeling stuck, closed off and emotional pain exists.

Everyday, I work with clients who go through the process of realizing and recognizing the place inside that is holding you back.

You will begin to realize how empowered you can feel by getting to the root of where it all began. 
Wouldn’t it be great if you went from the autopilot of worry, stress and anxiety to inviting in more ease and trust in the process.

I have worked with thousands of beautiful souls who want to find the kind of relief that is always available. A sense of inner freedom. 

If this is a path you’re curious to explore, book a clarity call. 

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