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4-Week Reset, Virtual Zoom Master Class IS FULL

Learn how to get out of your own way & live your best life

What exactly does a RESET look like and the importance of it?

Everyday life involves struggles and trying to juggle family, work, and play balance. 


Who doesn't feel that tug? 

Everyday demands wear on us and feed off our need for perfection and to be everything for everyone. Frankly, at times it feels too much. We just went through the wringer -  it’s time to step out of the ‘wash, rinse & repeat’ cycle.

This is why I have created the 4-Weeks to Reset Yourself, Master Class. 

I have created a nurturing incubator if you will - to discover more about yourself and learn skills that will serve you well, in the long run, to change old habits for good.

It takes you being willing to put yourself first and set aside time each week and truly hit that ‘reset button’. 


The reset button looks like this...

1. Fact vs Fiction
What is it that you’re telling yourself vs what is actually taking place?
Being able to decipher between the lies we tell ourselves and the truth is the first step to lasting change.

2. Recognizing that you are not here to just survive the day and "get" through it. 

I want to teach you how to re-connect to the lost parts of you. You know the places inside where you see other people doing those things and you don't think you can and can't see away. 

3. Unconditional Peace - FLOW

How great would it be to have peace that is consistent and not based on outside conditions?No more FOMO or comparison. Taking charge of you. We really can step back and let it happen. It's called flow. It is the opposite of worry or force. I feel better already expressing that to you & I hope you feel better hearing this. 

4. Making the choice to feel more connected to your mind, body, spirit, part of you. The experience of freedom of choice.

There is nothing more meaningful to me than to watch you remember who you really are this powerful, peace-filled calm person who is not taken off by everyday demands.

Please come join the reset movement that is happening in regards to mental health and thrive - just surviving is outdated. We no longer have saber tooth tigers chasing us. It's about time we tell ourselves the are safe, loved, and guided.

4 Week Course

In this 4-week virtual class, we will explore -

  • Any issue in your life & what you have to accept

  • Explore emotional awareness

  • Surrendering - letting go of needing to control the
    outcome of it

  • Choosing to interpret anything differently

  • Creating exactly what you’ve always wanted

  • Letting go of fear, blame and anger


Get the tools you've always needed to reset, create lasting change & live your best life​.

$149 early bird pricing for the 4-Week Reset

$179 early bird pricing for the 4-Week Reset

Genuine Testimonials

Renie made the virtual zoom class feel very personable.


While I wish I could have gotten a physical hug from her at some points, the energy she gives off is felt even through the screen.


Her class really opened my eyes to fact vs fiction and being able to see where I can control my thoughts and actions. I’m so thankful that I took her course!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Renie...


Ciara C. of Reno, NV - 24 years old

FOREVER GRATEFUL! That is how I would describe my connection and love for myself thanks to Renie.

After being haunted for many years with negative critical thoughts about myself, Renie taught me how to come home to myself, the self that I (we all) are born with.  Full of love, compassion, and kindness.  I no longer feel the need to criticize myself. I now know that I too deserve the love, compassion, and kindness that I have always been able to show others, only now it is coming from a place of authenticity.  A true deep-rooted LOVE that has been inside all along.  For the first time in my life, I met someone who was able to really show me how to align my heart with my mind to bring about real change. Thank you Renie for that and your constant gentle love that allows me to tap into whom I am meant to be. For that, I am FOREVER GRATEFUL. 


Becky S. of Reno, NV

I took this class because I am so hard on myself and have struggled with feeling worthy.


I tend to wallow in the past instead of enjoying the present.


The class helped me to focus on accepting and even appreciating where I’ve been in order to enjoy today and make strides toward more inner peace and contentment.

Forever grateful, 

Cathy L. of Sacramento, CA