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Gyan Mudra


Private Meditation

Private meditation sessions can take place over the telephone, via zoom or in person. No matter where you are, you can find peace and peace.

Each of my private meditation sessions are designed to help connect you to a different possibility. One that allows you to make deep shifts even after one session. Discover what it feels like to live without fear dictating your every moment. Understand how to experience your past differently – as a point of reference instead of convincing truth.

Whether you’re currently facing surgery, illness or just know that you have to make shifts in the way you think for your overall sense of self, private meditation sessions move you beyond the reality you see toward bigger possibility.



Over the phone, in person, or via zoom.

$150 per


"Healing Your Heart taught me to genuinely trust and stop second-guess myself."

By releasing the burdens of my past, I began to feel lighter and more confident in my choices. I now take steps that allow me to step outside of my comfort zone. I live life with less expectation and more rewarding relationships. Like you, I’ve tried other things, but nothing changed the way I see pure possibility, as did Heal Your Heart.

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