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Special Education Teacher - Helen H.

Oh my goodness! YES! I met Renie at the Ford Institute Coaches Training several years ago and was so impressed by her prior medical experience, patience, and intuitive understanding of how people heal emotionally and physically - what a beautiful blend!
Working with Renie would help anyone heal their body and heart.
She’s my “go-to wellness coach” for those who need compassionate healing.

Beth Hudson, M.D.

UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! That is how I would describe the impact of the Prepare for Surgery Course taught by Renie Anderson. Being told I needed to have surgery, brought up a lot of fears and emotions in me...I felt out of control. I worried about the findings during surgery, postoperative issues like nausea and vomiting (as I have had this with all my other surgeries,) pain and healing, my ability to get back to work and activities quickly, and the impact all this would have on others in my life. Because I have seen excellent results in my patients when they participated in the Prepare for Surgery Course, I decided to do it prior to my surgery. The results were unbelievably amazing! I woke up in the recovery room and felt great - no pain, no nausea or vomiting, no fear and I had this amazing sense of overall well-being. My recovery was remarkably quick and easy but more importantly, provided me with a keen awareness of the importance of mind and body. With Renie's loving support and calming nature, I learned that, by doing my part, I could have a positive surgical experience...and I did! Thank you, Renie, for sharing your gift with me and my patients!

Pam Netuschil, M.D.

Before meditation, I felt like I was rushing through life and not taking the time to enjoy the beautiful moments. I just right to the next thing. I felt frantic inside all if the time and had a lot of issues with anxiety. Now I feel like I have slowed down and I am really living. I savor moments with my kids. I am present with them now and not just running around cleaning and cooking. I really listen to them. My anxiety has calmed down dramatically and isn't consuming my life anymore. I feel happier and more connected with people. I have really learned to believe that I am perfect just the way I am! This has made me a better doctor, wife, mother, sister and daughter. I tried meditation before but could never do it on my own. Your calming effect and energy is what I needed to be able to meditate. The discussions afterward have led to an awareness that has been priceless. Thank you so much for making my life better in such a profound way.

Sherrie H

I have received so many gifts from meditating – insight to my true self, why I am the way that I am and what is getting in the way of how I really want to be. So many possibilities have opened up for me – a new way of being, letting it be and letting it go which has created more joy and peace in my life. I notice things more, whether I’m bothered by someone or a situation as well as when I am fully present in a moment to experience the joy around me. I realize when I let it be and let it go, the possibilities of happiness are so much bigger! I have more clarity of how rigidity has prevented so many joyful moments in my life. My relationships have improved as I have allowed people to be how they are – I listen more, have more compassion and experience our interaction on a deeper level. Renie’s authenticity and gentle guidance has helped me to find what I’m searching for within myself.

Joshua Cannon

When I was told I'd be battling Cancer, it was a tough thing to adjust to. But, I decided I was going to go into as a warrior and fight it with all my strength. But, every warrior needs to find peace. Thanks to Renie, I found my middle ground. While the warrior in me is still there, when I saw Renie, I learned to put the warrior to sleep and find my own relaxing restful times. After seeing her, I found my way to rest while battling at the same time. I felt all the bad energy leave me, and all new energy fill me. It was very helpful and is very helpful in my fight, both emotionally, and spiritually. She is very good and talented when it comes to helping people find the energy they need. Thank you Renie, for all you have done for me. - Josh Cannon :)

Beth Hudson, M.D.

Why Meditation? "Because it can change your life - it did mine! I didn't even know what meditation was all about until I attended a group meditation with Renie Anderson. I now realize, by calming my mind through meditation, I can listen to my heart, embrace my vulnerabilities, and live my life in a very real way. Renie blew my mind and changed my life in amazing ways in a very short period of time...through the art of meditation."

Anna M

Renie has incredible energy and was such a positive influence on my life during such a scary and emotional time. She helped me turn my fear into love and she helped me to visualize positive experiences. She helped me use the law of attraction to bring nothing but beautiful healing energy. My surgery went really well and my doctor was surprised at how quickly I healed! Thanks Renie!!

Pat Wetzel Founder and Member The Anti-Cancer Club

We all have traumatic experiences that need to be released. Renie teaches the nurturing skills to heal our minds and bodies through highly personalized visualizations. Her work is nothing short of amazing.

Kathleen Schumacher

In a little over an hour Renie Anderson was able to uncover exactly what my deepest fears were regarding my upcoming surgery and then; using Peggy Huddleston's mind-body techniques; she gave me many tools to help me overcome those fears. The combination of Peggy's mind-body techniques and Renie's knowledgeable and compassionate guidance were helpful both before and after my surgery. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who would like to feel calmer and more in control prior to their surgery or that needs help to eliminate anxiety that is adversely affecting their quality of life.

M. Owen Korsmo

There are people put here to use the gentle healing arts to help ease the pain of life and rekindle hope. Renie Anderson is one of those extraordinary souls.

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