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Find the clarity & lasting change you've always wanted.

Private Surgery

Through this process, I'm hoping that you connect your manifestations into reality. That you can live the life you know you're meant to live and that you can create a happy, healthy you - a you that loves themselves.

4-Week Reset
Master Class

Learn to master how to tell yourself the truth, see things for what they are and master parts of you that you didn't think you could!

These tools will expand to all parts of your life - from your relationship with food/weight, to obstacles in your life, to owning your 'yes' and your 'no's. Whatever you're struggling with, these tools will help you reset to look at and tackle things differently. 



to heal?

Are you ready to begin?

Are you ready to find peace?

Let's start with putting an hour aside and getting to know you.  

Most conversations can take place on the phone or over zoom, whatever is more convenient for you. 


There are people put here to use the gentle healing arts to help ease the pain of life and rekindle hope. Renie Anderson is one of those extraordinary souls.

Oh my goodness! YES! I met Renie at the Ford Institute Coaches Training several years ago and was so impressed by her prior medical experience, patience, and intuitive understanding of how people heal emotionally and physically - what a beautiful blend! Working with Renie would help anyone heal their body and heart.
She’s my “go-to wellness coach” for those who need compassionate healing.

Special Education Teacher - Helen H.

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