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Meditation Class


Group Meditation

What is meditation? Mindfulness of being present with the experience without judgment.

Not so easy. But always affords us the opportunity to find yourself. 


What’s required is self-compassion. If you feel like you’re in a rut it’s the opportunity to stretch.


Meditation awakens us to our potential and resilience. The power in learning to be uncomfortable ironically teaches you how to be with emotions like sadness, anxiety, worry and anger comfort. We discover that we move through them more quickly.


It is not our circumstances in life so much as it is our attitude towards them. .


What I can share with you is this, the group energy and intentionality is powerful.

You begin to realize you are not alone in your experience.


The group meets every Saturday for 1 hour


30 minutes spent in the practice of meditation.

30 minutes of conversation. 


The conversation afterwards moves you closer to solutions and a steadfast sense of well-being.

$10 per


no reservations required.

Local group classes are offered on

Saturdays from 8-9 a.m.

Reno, Nevada

offered at My Women's Center, Beth Huston, M.D.

1441 Pullman Drive,

Sparks, Nevada

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