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Inviting Relief Into Your Life Involves Reframing Thoughts

It's the end of a full week and I wanted to share some insights to hopefully bring support and tools for relief.

I primarily work with women and love how wonderful it is to witness someone learning the art of reframing their thoughts and experiencing deeper inner freedom.

Learning to navigate topics like finding your voice, discovering your needs, releasing the ball of everyone else's demands, and celebrating who you are will change the way you live.

Over the last decade, I have noticed a common belief that a lot of people have and it is this, if I allow myself to stop for too long, life may catch up with me and what if it crumbles?

Resonate? I know it did for me for years. Masking up, showing up, and just getting through the day were a way of life. Trying to control outcomes and other people's happiness left me frustrated, confused, and depleted.

Until I realized that I needed to learn a new way.

Learning how our minds work, which consists of our beliefs and learned behaviors can resolve the feeling that something is missing.

What if you could learn tools to help you deal with whatever comes your way? The art of reframing thoughts to see things differently is life-changing.

So, try asking yourself these questions today:

- What does it really mean to make myself the priority?

- What would I do differently?

- How could I think about whatever has my attention in a more beneficial way?

Stopping to find small delights in our day will bring more joy and presence.

Renie here. Cheering you on.

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