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Wait...what you are suggesting is so counter-intuitive, relief usually is.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023


This week I’d like to share a story from a ‘Healing Your Heart’ client:

"Since working with Renie, I have really let go of my angst towards a recent situation. When I think about it, I pretty much feel like it is a waste of my energy. This is huge! I haven’t been able to come to terms with this at all in the past and felt that hanging on to it, dwelling on it, and getting pissed about it, gave me some sort of control or power over it.

I also really resonate with the “little girl” in me and the “40-year-old”exercise. I feel that it gives me the strength to support my needs and give myself all the things I didn’t get in my childhood. "

She discovered just how much holding on and locking down the anger/pain had decreased the joy and ability to feel present in her life.

This work is powerful because it helps us see the resistant and wounded places within. The agreements we all make at some level to stuff down the hurt, to not feel the discomfort of speaking up, are and avoid disappointing someone.

Somewhere in our life, we learned to shut down from the place of the wound as if it is too much.

The great news is that by learning tools that help us to approach life in a more gentle manner we can look at the place we have so desperately avoided. We can learn to let go of control and gain inner calm and peace that helps us to see situations differently.

You can do this.

You are so worth it.

As ever,


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