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If Not Now When? Making yourself the priority begins in your thoughts.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Hi again,

It’s Renie. I am a local Reno practitioner, who is re-emerging, as many of us are. I've been working behind the scenes, but it is time to start writing again and putting my work out there.

As a life coach for almost a decade, I, personally, am working through bursts of emotions. The collective news takes over and I find myself looking for ways to move through the overwhelm of life.

The truth is no two people have the same response to stress, worry, and anxiety. Yet, we all experience them and the good news is we can all train our minds to overcome them.

There is relief and a way to move through the day with a little more ease, presence, and hope.

I was on a hike last week to process my emotions about the events in the world.

A tool that helps me move through the experience is to get in touch with how I am thinking vs. what I am thinking.

But how does this work, Renie?

I invite you to think of something… spend 5 to 20 minutes today noticing the repetitive patterns of your thoughts. What comes up over and over? Are you generating these thoughts or are they automatic?

When you can answer this, you are touching in on the quality of your thoughts, not just memories.

Here is something I want you to know, if we are being honest, our thoughts are pretty judgemental and we tend to overthink.

We don’t observe them, we just simply engage, we are reactionary. We believe them and they stay in our awareness as a loop.

This is where the feeling of overwhelm comes in. We usually don’t know why… we just don’t feel right.

The problem is… we don’t question the quality of our thoughts.

I can blame or point the finger at the cause of the upset. It doesn't change the temperature.

Now, ask yourself… What can I do right now to move into a different frame of mind?

  1. I can reach out to children and ask them how they are feeling.

  2. I can call a government official and share my heart.

  3. I can check on a neighbor.

  4. I can go outside and breathe and hear the sounds of nature.

Yes, these are all good.. but most importantly ask yourself, what do I need? Do I really know my needs and wants? Or do you ever feel like everyone else comes first?

Showing up with an open mind and kindness towards yourself is your starting point.

When we ask these questions, we start to think differently and break old patterns of thought and behavior.

I’m launching a new program to help guide you through just this.

Are you curious to learn how to apply this to your life? Book a free 30-minute clarity call today.

All my best,


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