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New Year - New Way to See Yourself

My wish for you in 2022…

On this 1st Monday of 2022 I have a wish for you - that you have a year of self-discovery, find what it is that you need, and go for it!

Whether you just started following me or have been a longtime follower, you know that my purpose is to get to the heart of the matter, succinctly and with great compassion. To me, there is nothing greater than seeing people make peace with their mind chatter, and lives.

I absolutely love coaching individuals for life's issues big or small that seem to be repeating themselves or coaching someone facing cancer or surgery.

Our nervous system plays a huge part in our overall well-being. Fight/Flight/Freeze tends to overrun us. Learning to self-regulate is key. When we learn to spend more of our time in the Rest/Digest phase we are calmer and at ease, balance is the goal. I get so excited about teaching you to challenge yourself and how it becomes a game-changer. Seeing your life through a new lens is everything.

My licenses are in Jungian Shadow Work and Holistic Life coaching. I currently have a private practice, I also work with Elizabeth Hutson, M.D., and Lindsay Bridgewater, D.O. from My Woman's Center as well Renown.

I have a new Digital Course coming out in a few weeks that is self-paced. This course has us look at the places and pieces of ourselves that we have left behind, whether it be through parenting, career, life in general, or just the feeling of being ‘lost’.

I also offer a 13-week course on Healing Your Heart (breaking up with your dysfunctional patterns) as well as Master Classes on the Inner Critic and Getting Real with Yourself, as well as offer meditation at the group level in person and a daily Meditation Membership.

I am honored and humbled by working with people through life and helping them see themselves differently. Learning to stop comparing, being overly sensitive to what people think, and setting healthy boundaries is an optimal key to a successful and happy life.

This is a year of self-discovery and redesigning who we are and how we show up. Are you ready to show up?

Look for my future Blogs, videos, and classes.

I can't wait to see what you do!

With love, your discovery coach,


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