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Welcome to your personal Meditation Membership Portal! 

I'm excited to have you here and the commitment you've made to find more relief and more peace in your life. So, now that you're here, let's dive in! Everything you need will for the Group Meditation will be here for you to access. 

How it Works


Every Weekday
at 6am PDT

To access dial-in:
(712) 770-5326
Participant Code: #153015


The meditation will begin with a 20 minute meditation and then I will open it for discussion for about 20-30 additional minutes. Although you don't need to participate in the discussion, many have discovered it deepens their process.

Meditation FAQ's

Here’s a couple facts about meditation. We think our minds are supposed to be empty or without thoughts. That’s not true.
That we're supposed to have some epiphany or awareness for this to work. That’s not true either.

The purpose of meditation is to watch your thoughts and how we react to life. To help us gain greater awareness of our inner world so we can have greater clarity in our outer world. Each one of my meditations is different, some will have mantras, some will be guided and some will focus on an event or situation and let it be. I am going to lead you into every meditation with a short introduction and then leave you in silence for a period of time. I will guide you out of the meditation with a few words to help you see the benefits throughout your day. Remember, your experience of the meditation will be your own and no matter what that is - it will always be perfect.

What do I do if I miss a call? 

No problem. You can access all the meditations here on this page below. I will be posting them approximately 20-30 minutes after the call has been completed. You can even come back and re-listen to meditations over the weekend as a way to supplement your practice 7 days a week. 

Can I set up a personal one-on-one session?

Yes, Absolutely! All you have to do is click here to reach out to me and set up a call.  For more information on private meditation, visit my meditation page on my website.

Can I suggest a topic?

Yes! Every Friday, I will lead a guided meditation on a topic of your choosing. All you have to is click here and send me an email by Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. of each week. I will select a topic at random and pool the remaining topics into the selection for the following week. 

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Are you loving the meditations? Please let me know so that I may share with others how powerful meditation can be.
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