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What is a Reset?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

I recently sent out an email and a video in regards to a new class I have coming up on June 16th, for 4 weeks, Wednesday's at 6 p.m. about resetting. I have had several questions asking, ‘Resetting what?’ That is fair...This class is designed to help you move forward by resetting your mindset on frustrations, worries and fears of any kind.

What is it really about?

It's asking where are you shutting you down? Where do you feel stuck? Let’s distill the root problem and give you the tools to reset from there.

We have to know where we are before we can know where we are going.

Most of the time when we don't start something it is due to the fear of failure, but what we are really afraid of is - if we aren't successful what will people think?

This class will bust through the limiting belief that lies right below the surface that dictates your behavior. . .this is the class to uncover your fears.

Once we define our fear, the next question I get is, ‘Now what? How do I get over that?’

This is the best part - have you ever heard of ‘Why power versus Will power’? Will power is the initial desire to start working towards a goal or dream. Why power- internal perpetual motivation beyond surface level desire. This is a GAME CHANGER.

Lastly, what is it that you really want to do?

Well, the greatest gift we have is choice. We will walk through empowering choices versus the heaviness of disempowering choices. This always fascinated me but until we surrender and accept what is, the ability to choose differently never seems to appear. This class will give you the tools to change that.

It is always so great to get a group of like minded souls together to walk through life, building each other up and having conversations that are life giving and insightful.

I really hope you will sign up and discover what has been waiting for you all along.

I am inviting you to do things differently.

With excitement,


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